Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

I don’t track your data. Everything is self-hosted as per Sourcehut Pages’s limitations & their terms of service.

For your personal privacy everywhere online, I recommend reading PRISM Break which will give you some basic tools to maintain your privacy on other sites.

Quick tips

  • Ditch Chrome & browse the web with Firefox, Librewolf, or Brave
  • Install these browser add-ons: uBlock Origin, Smart Referer, & Skip Redirect (tho seems this isn’t maintained well)
  • Never share your contacts except with the most trusted open source applications that give you meaningful value (like autocompleting your contacts for your secure chats)
  • Change your default search to Brave Search or Searx or DuckDuckGo
  • If on Android, unGoogle your device with microG
  • Chat only on encrypted apps like XMPP+:ac:OMEMO, Matrix, Jami, Mumble (public chat on open protocols like IRC are still okay tho despite lacking end-to-end encryption)
  • Switch your desktop operating system from Windows or macOS → to a free/libre operating system

    Incomplete short list of FLOSS OS Options
    Linux distros
    BSD distros
    Future, independent Unix-like