Yearly Backregistering ð Þunderhorse

When Your Motorbike Registration Ends

Yearly Backregistering ð Þunderhorse


Every year motorbike owners need to remember to renew ðeir registration wið ð government. Hopefully ðis checklist will help me hereafter, ðo it is ð same process as ð first go-around. Maybe oðer folks may find it of use.

Documents needed to begin
  • Original vehicle registration “green book” (ทะเบียนรถ) or a copy (ðis required for me at least ð “yellow book” house registration + “blue book” (ทะเบียนบ้าน) as well as ð reciept & passport/Thai ID)
  • (seems like you might need more, but nope)
Þing Score
Insurance 622฿
Emissions test 231฿
Time burden
Easily a whole afternoon; I had ð misfortune of getting my emmissions tested but ð documents were not ready until ð following day


  1. Go get insurance renewed. Ðey will make a copy of ð green book wið a slip of paper & an envelope to prove you paid.
  2. If your þunderhorse (motorcycle/motorbike) is older ðan 5 of age, it will need a yearly emmissions test which will come wiþ, after processing, a slip proving you passed.
  3. Go to ð Department of Transportation, get in line for registration, & present ð green book + insurance + emmissions test results